(Backup) Navicat 15.0.23 Windows Activation

Recently, I discovered a very useful Navicat activation tool on GitHub. It explains the activation process and provides the source code. I would refer to it as a secure activation tool because it eliminates concerns about strange things being included in downloaded exe files. Additionally, this tool can unexpectedly activate the latest version of Navicat. Since I previously wrote about the Mac version and I have OCD, I thought it would be perfect to add the Windows version as well.(English version Translated by GPT-3.5, 返回中文)

I won’t go into details about generating the Openssl string in this article. You can directly refer to my previous article, (Backup) Navicat 12.0.22 Download and Activation, for generating the public and private keys.


The source code can be found here: GitHub - TripalinkAdmin/navicat-keygen: A keygen for Navicat. A copy of the source code is available here: navicat-keygen-windows.zip


This article only documents the program’s activation process and does not provide the compiled navicat-patcher.exe. Please compile it yourself.


As of today, March 26th, 2021, you can download Navicat from the official website and use the provided tool for activation.

Download navicat150_premium_cs_x64.exe

Compilation of Keygen Source Code

I won’t elaborate on installing git and other necessary environments, as well as vcpkg installation. I will only explain how to compile the source code.

Please note that you should use the 2019 version of vcpkg and ensure that when installing OpenSSL through vcpkg, you download version 1.0.2. Otherwise, the latest vcpkg includes OpenSSL version 1.1.1, which requires a different method and will cause the compilation to fail.

I won’t discuss the compilation process here. Let’s directly proceed to the activation section.

Create a Folder

Create a temporary folder and copy the navicat.exe and libcc.dll files from the Navicat installation directory to this folder. The new version’s license key is contained in the libcc.dll file, while the navicat.exe file is used to determine the program’s version. Rest assured, the navicat.exe file will not change between different versions. The evidence is that after generating a new libcc.dll, the program’s MD5 checksum remains unchanged.

It’s actually not necessary to prepare a key pair, as the program will generate one automatically.


The navicat-patcher.exe in the image above is the compiled output from the source code on GitHub.

It’s very simple, just execute the command

Open the Command Prompt (CMD) and navigate to the folder you just created.

Now the file replacement is complete. You just need to copy the modified libcc.dll back to the Navicat installation directory, replacing the original file. The presence of the publicKey doesn’t matter.

Activation Steps

Valid activation code for Navicat 15

Disconnect from the internet, open the program, and enter the above serial number. A pop-up message will appear:


Select Manual Activation, and another window will appear:


You can follow the instructions in my previous article, (Backup) Navicat 12.0.22 Download and Activation, to complete the activation process. Once done, make a backup of the modified libcc.dll so that you don’t have to compile it again when reinstalling this version.

Attached is the modified libcc.dll

Download: 天翼网盘 Navicat_for_15.0.23_libcc.dll.zip Access Code: ua2t

RuterFu My Storage: Navicat_for_15.0.23_libcc.dll.zip


Attached Simple Activator

Go to Simple Activator